“Most people passively watch sports for entertainment, but sports actively turned me into an effective leader.”

- Dr. David M. Walker



Dr. David M. Walker is a man on a mission. He talks candidly about his fears as a young athlete, veteran NCAA Division 1 basketball referee, regional sports director, and educator. Despite having a genuine and intense love of sports his entire life, he feared being labeled and presenting faulty stereotypes. Today he honors that fear because it fueled and equipped him with drive, determination, and dedication in becoming an effective leader. Now he’s ready to layout the same game plan for you.


Growing up in the urban community of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Walker experienced the challenges and struggles that come with living in a community of drugs and gang violence. This experience birthed within him a belief that one’s most significant accomplishments are within one’s desire to be better than the circumstances you grew up in or the environment you are in.

Dr. Walker also believes that education is the agent of a successful life. As such, his educational accomplishments include a doctorate in organizational leadership, a master’s degree in school administration, sports management, and a Master of Divinity in theology.

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Speaking Topics to Support Your Audience

Facing Your Fears to Reach Your Freedom 
(Signature Talk)

Exhibiting leadership ability demands significantly more than a tactical approach to solving problems. Great leaders are distinguished from the competition through a determined will to succeed. Dr. Walker demonstrates how to reach your inner greatness and be the winner you were born to become.

The Champion in You: 4 Ways to Overcome Obstacles to Student-Athlete Success

Dr. Walker’s presentation will assist student-athletes in understanding they can overcome societal limitations and adverse life experiences and develop and maintain positive attitudes that contribute to achieving their educational goals with excellence.

Black College Males and Spirituality

Dr. Walker’s talk is intrinsically reflective of his passion and observation of Black college males’ experiences. Dr. Walker uses his research to provide practitioners with a better understanding of how to address and potentially support Black college males with their spirituality and religious practices to combat negative messages they experience throughout their college lived experiences.

Winning Against the Odds

Dr. Walker’s presentation will empower young Black males to challenge negative societal influences and encourage them to develop and maintain positive attitudes that contribute to success in life.


Game plan for leadership success:


the Champion's mind:
how to defeat giants and win



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